Tornado dreams are telling you to brace for sudden change

Tornado dreams can be disconcerting. Tornadoes are such unpredictable, destructive events that they can terrify anyone, even in a dream. 

 A huge tornado gathers on the horizon across a field of wheat

Generally speaking, your dreams are a reflection of your emotions and concerns in your waking life. When you dream about a tornado, this can signify that you should make some positive changes in your life. Your dream might be telling you that your current situation is holding you in place as you wait for life to happen to you. It could be the signal you need to take a step forward and implement some changes in your life. 

Another common scenario is that you might have a lot of confusion or chaos in your life. The tornado dream can represent the confusion you need to remove. Perhaps you recently experienced a sudden change or you’re dealing with a volatile situation. The tornado may be in your dream to show you a way out.

Let’s take a closer look at what a tornado in a dream can mean. 

You might have a sudden change in your life

Tornadoes can cause a lot of changes and damage in a very short time. They swirl through and destroy what is in their path, leaving people to clean up and rebuild. 

Dreams about tornadoes could mean that you have experienced a sudden change in your life, or you might be experiencing one in the near future. Maybe you are changing jobs or you are going to have a baby. Any major life changes can cause you to have a dream about tornadoes.

Dream about tornadoes converging

Sometimes, people dream about tornadoes coming together and clashing or merging together. This dream can represent strong and forceful people in your life who have sudden outbursts. Maybe your boss gets angry and loses his or her temper, or this might refer to your teenage child or spouse. 

tornadoes converging
When two tornadoes move toward each other, as they do in this photo taken at sea, a clash of some sort is imminent.

The tornado represents this person clashing with you. When you have more than one tornado in your dream, they could combine to make an even bigger storm, or they could compete with each other and tear each other apart. Think about what is happening in your family life or at work, and you might realize who these tornadoes represent. 

Dreams about seeing a tornado

In this dream, you may see a tornado off in the distance. This can represent a new relationship that is on the horizon, as well as a new challenge in your life. If you are a man, this dream usually refers to a challenge at work that needs to be overcome. For women, it is more likely that you have experienced a strong argument with your partner, and it may signify that the relationship has run its course. 

A tornado develops amid lightning bolts at the end of a long, straight highway

Tornadoes represent strong emotions, and whether you are dealing with challenges at work or at home, this is a sign that change is coming and you should take charge of the situation.

Dreams about being stuck in a tornado

If you dream about being stuck in a tornado, you might be stuck in a volatile situation in your life. You might be experiencing a situation at school or work with a bully who is relentlessly targeting you. You may not know how to escape from the power of this person, and you may feel you are stuck at his or her mercy. 

The important thing to remember is that tornadoes have incredibly destructive force, but they are over in a short time. Mother Nature doesn’t let them continue forever. This dream is a sign that you need to take action to protect yourself from the person in your life who is causing so much mental anguish. 

Dreams about hiding from a tornado

When you dream about hiding from a tornado, it signifies that you are hiding from a chaotic force in your life. You may have done a great job of avoiding confrontation with a volatile person, or you may literally be hiding from someone or something that poses a threat. This dream represents your concerns over whatever it is you are avoiding.

Dreams about surviving a tornado

Dreams about surviving a tornado are a sign that you are about to enter a period where you make progress in your life. You might have been experiencing a lot of anxiety or stress, and this dream tells you that it is going to pass soon. It lets you know that you can overcome your feelings, and you will emerge much stronger and happier. 

Dreams about escaping from a tornado

If you have a dream about escaping from a tornado, you are the kind of person who wants to avoid conflict. You may spend much of your time trying to avoid conflict and keep the peace. This dream is there to show you how you are feeling. It also lets you know that your strategy is working and you can escape from a volatile situation.

Dreams of a tornado warning

When you dream about a tornado warning, it could literally reflect a tornado warning or your fear of one, or it could figuratively reflect your fears of an emotional situation that is coming to a head. 

 Example of a tornado warning shown on an iPhone screen

Usually people who dream about a tornado warning are concerned about something that is looming in front of them, and they haven’t yet made a decision on how to act. If you have this kind of dream, you should consider what you are facing and consider how you will get through it.

Dreams about your family and friends in a tornado

Sometimes you’ll dream about your loved ones in a tornado. This is a sign that something may be volatile in their lives. Perhaps you need to step in and help. You may dream that a tornado is heading for your family or friends and you are at a distance, or you may see them struggling to get to safety as the tornado approaches. They need your help. Consider what you can do for them.

Dreams about a tornado destroying objects

school bus destroyed
Tornadoes have consequences, as shown in this photo from a 2012 tornado in Indiana. If you see objects destroyed in a tornado dream, consequences are on the way. (© Indiana National Guard by Sgt. John Crosby | Creative Commons)

What if the tornado in your dream is charging forward and destroying things? The objects could be any size, such as large trucks or small items including mailboxes. This dream suggests that you are going to suffer the consequences of a decision you’ve made, or an action you’ve taken. You might not know what the consequences will be, but this dream suggests that you will endure them.

Dreams about being stuck in a car during a tornado

If you have a dream that you are stuck in a car during a tornado, you might be feeling trapped in your real life. In this dream you are confined to a small space that you can’t escape until the tornado passes. You may also be experiencing this in your life. You might be waiting for someone at work to leave, for example, or you might have a house guest overstaying his or her welcome. 

Dreams about trying to save someone from a tornado

When you dream about trying to save someone from a tornado, this usually reflects your concern for this person. You might dream about trying to save your child, or your parents. No matter who it is, you are likely worried about this person and desperate to do anything you can to help. 

Dreams about a tornado with a large mouth

A dark, wide tornado follows a car along a highway

If you dream about a tornado with a large mouth, this might represent your fear that someone is going to get angry with you and yell at you. Maybe you are worried that your boss will reprimand you, or you’re afraid of disappointing someone. These dreams bring your fears to your attention so that you can consider them and work through them. 

Dreams about getting carried away by a tornado

When you dream that you are picked up and carried away by a tornado, you might wake with a start. This can be a very frightening dream. Tornadoes are powerful and can draw you up into their chaos before spitting you out and leaving you changed forever. 

This dream might represent the fact that you are being swept away by your worries. They may be impacting your life and making it difficult for you to function. You need to take a deep breath and think about how to solve some of the problems that are worrying you so much. 

The bottom line is, when you have dreams about tornadoes you might feel distressed when you wake up. Tornadoes are violent forces that can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. These dreams often represent your fears or experiences that you are dealing with in your waking life. They might serve to make you aware of how you feel, or they might let you know that a storm is coming if you continue on your current path. 

Ultimately, because tornadoes always pass and a rebuild always begins, dreams about tornadoes are a way of letting you know that you are strong and will prevail no matter what you are dealing with in your life.

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