Dreams about throwing up suggest a need to purge

While some dreams are just a scramble of sights and sounds produced as your brain decompresses from the day, most dreams have some symbolism to them. Dreams about throwing up tend to fall into this category.

So let’s take a look at what “vomit dreams” mean, and consider what impact the substance being regurgitated can have on the meaning of the dream.

Drowning in negativity

Our gag reflex kicks in when we consume something and the body senses that we just put something bad down our gullet. We also vomit when there is no more room, yet more is coming into the body. Dreams about throwing up could indicate that you have taken on so much negative energy that you need to find a way to purge yourself of that negativity. Alternately, this dream could be an indicator that you are resisting more negativity.

You may need to purge some negative energy.
You may need to purge some negative energy.

If you are the one vomiting

If a dream about vomiting has you as the regurgitating party, there is something in your life that you need to get rid of. This bad influence could be a relationship, an activity, a job that leaves you unsatisfied or at risk, etc. This dream could also signal that you need to get rid of your past and move on, let past experiences go and make way for new ones.

Someone else is vomiting

If you have a vomiting dream but somebody else is the one throwing up, then there are a few possible explanations. The first idea is that you believe this person has made some sort of mistake. Maybe your cousin is getting married and your dream has her holding her head out of the car window and spewing. This might mean you’re not too keen on the fiancé.

If the person is someone you are less familiar with, then the vomit could be a warning that this person is bad to be around.

Yet another scenario is when the person’s vomit is directed at you. This indicates a person actively seeking your ruination, who will act against you.

Many other people are vomiting

When several other people vomit in your dream, the symbolism is related to what I described above. This is the bulk version of the dream where one person is puking. Take note of who is involved. (This sort of dream could also just be a signal that you’re worried about going to a seafood dinner hosted by someone with sketchy hygiene or culinary skills.)

Yes, it’s true—sometimes a vomit dream simply reflects your fear of bad seafood.
Yes, it’s true—sometimes a vomit dream simply reflects your fear of bad seafood.

You tried to stop yourself from vomiting

If your vomit dream involved trying to stop yourself from blowing chunks, that could signal an unwillingness to share your truths with certain groups of people. This is also a sign that you do not want to risk embarrassing yourself in front of others.

What’s in the vomit?

When there is blood

blood spatter pattern

If you vomit in your dreams and there’s blood, two main interpretations come to mind:

  1. Blood is red, the color of passion. Expelling that passion, that drive, may be a sign that you are losing creative fulfillment or feeling unproductive.
  2. Your body knows something is wrong with you. Give yourself a look over for any obvious health issues when you wake up, and consider making an appointment with your doctor if anything seems amiss.

A silver stream

Vomiting forth silver is actually rather positive. Silver is a symbol of pregnancy and could portend that either you or someone you know should soon be expecting.

Dreams of vomiting jewelry

If you dream of throwing up jewelry instead of the contents of your stomach, then you are in for some good news. The presence of jewelry in a vomit dream signifies luck. If that jewelry includes a lot of silver, then you might want to hit the drugstore for a pregnancy test kit.

A pile of jewelry

Dreams about throwing up fruit pits

If you are throwing up in a dream and the projectiles are almost nothing but fruit pits, this is usually a sign of distress and guilt. Dreams of this nature arise from dissatisfaction with how you interacted with someone, possibly to harmful degrees.

Dreams about seeing vomit

If you come across a pool of vomit in your dream, this may be a sign of personal disgust. Think about yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about the things you don’t like, but ask yourself how you can improve.

Dreams about cleaning vomit

If your dreams have you in a situation where you are stuck cleaning up a pool of vomit, whether from bathroom floor tiles or the fine tablecloth of a dining hall, this suggests that financial success will be the reward for a lot of hard work. This makes sense when you realize how much work it takes to make a vomit-covered surface look and smell as new.

cleaning with mop

This sort of dream can also reaffirm that you are the type of person who cares for everyone. Considering how much of a chore that cleanup can be, don’t allow others to exploit this positive facet of your personality. You matter enough that you should be rewarded for your efforts.

Dreaming of taking medication for vomiting

If you have a dream where you take an antiemetic—a vomit-suppressing drug—this can be a sign that you have finally overcome some personal ordeal.

Dreaming of non-stop vomiting

If your dreams involve starting a bout of vomiting that doesn’t seem to end until you wake up, you might be dealing with a lot of problems, negative energy, and struggling to find a proper outlet for all that stress and anguish. This is a dream of powerlessness. In your waking life, think about what you need to do to regain some power in your life.

Dreams about being nauseous

Nausea is not the same thing as vomiting. It is a warning that you are about to vomit. If you experience nausea in a dream, it could be a preamble to being falsely accused of something by another party. The accusation may be of such a severe act or come from such a trusted party that you would feel compelled to vomit if such a thing were to actually occur.

Throwing up in your dreams can be just as portentous as any other act you experience in a dream. There is a great deal of information you can glean in dreams where you or others you know are throwing up. You now know that vomit in a dream is not always a bad thing.

It never hurts to keep a dream journal by your bedside so you can easily and quickly record the things you remember, and who else was present. It’s also a good idea to be mindful of how your day went before you lay down to sleep. Vomiting in your dream may be nothing more than recalling a poorly-received lunch or even food poisoning.

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