A dream of broken glass means permanent change

A dream of broken glass can be upsetting. You might dream of a broken mirror, a broken drinking glass, or a broken glass door. Each one could represent a different aspect of your life. 

When glass breaks, it is permanently changed. In a dream, broken glass often represents broken promises—and perhaps irretrievable trust. 

Let’s look more closely at what it means to dream of broken glass.

Dreaming of a broken mirror

A kneeling woman’s face is reflect in pieces of a broken mirror on the floor.

Superstition says that a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck. Dreaming of a broken mirror should prompt you to think about your past actions and behaviors. You may have misled someone, or you might be giving somebody the wrong impression. The dream is a sign from your subconscious that you should change a behavior or a habit in your life.

Dreaming about breaking a glass object

When you dream of breaking a glass object, this is often a reflection that you need to release suppressed emotions and desires. You might be holding in your feelings to avoid hurting someone else, but your frustration is growing. 

A broken beer bottle lies on some cobblestones

This dream tells you that it’s time to open up and let your feelings out. You need to confront whatever is bothering you. It will lead to greater emotional health.

Dreaming of walking on broken glass

If you are having some difficulties in your life, you might dream of walking on shattered glass or on glass shards. You’re trying to find a solution, but haven’t yet found a way to reach the other side. 

Large pieces of shattered glass show you that there are a lot of small steps you must take, but there is a way out if you are patient and keep moving forward. 

Shards of shattered glass are strewn across the carpet of an abandoned home

Smaller glass shards are harder to step through. This indicates a bigger problem that needs an equally big solution in order to sweep those shards away. Instead of moving forward immediately, invest some time and energy into devising a creative, long-lasting solution.

Dreaming of a broken window

Glass represents both a boundary and a layer of protection, and how you see it in your dream tells you something about your level of protection. 

Two windows seen from outside a building with every pane of glass broken on both of them

If you dream of a broken glass window, you might be worried about your safety or security. This can refer to emotional safety or actual physical safety. The glass in a window protects you from what is outside, so it is important to take steps to protect yourself.

If the glass is cloudy, you might not be seeing things clearly in your life. You may be less well protected than you think. Either way, your course of action is the same: protect yourself.

Dreaming of a drinking glass

If you dream of a drinking glass breaking, this shows that you might be exposed to dangers in your life. Maybe someone at work doesn’t like you, or you have a friend who isn’t as loyal as you think. 

A broken wine glass lies on a granite countertop next to a full glass of wine

If you find yourself breaking glass on purpose, this shows that you want to tear down boundaries. You might be angry about your expectations not being met, or you might simply decide that you are going to chase after your dreams.

Ultimately, breaking glass represents a permanent change, and this can be positive or negative. Either way, it shows that the status quo is not sustainable. You need to take action, and seize control of your life.

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