A dream about poop may not be as bad as you think

People don’t talk about it much, but it’s surprisingly common to dream about poop. It can appear in a number of ways, and most people immediately want to know what this dream means.

Is there such a thing as feces symbolism? Indeed, there is.

In fact, as long as humans have walked the planet, people have been dreaming of poop and trying to understand the meaning of a poop dream.

Why do people dream about feces?

You wake up and think, “Why am I dreaming about feces?” There is no short answer, but a number of possible reasons. One possibility is that you need to go to the bathroom. If you wake up and you find this to be the case, your dream was likely your body’s way of alerting you.

An action figure of a poop emoji.

If you don’t need to go to the bathroom, the poop in your dream is loaded with symbolism. This will depend on the nature of the feces, where and how it appeared, and your role in the dream.

General poop dream meanings

We can make a number of generalizations about what it means when you dream of feces. For example, when you poop in public, you’re expecting somebody to ask you for money in the near future. When you dream about a child’s feces, you may be trying to rid yourself of a responsibility that is holding you back in life.

A dream of a clogged toilet indicates financial problems now or in the near future. If you dream of poop all over the walls, you fear losing a source of income.

Generally speaking, feces in your dreams is linked to possessions, finances, money, satisfaction, pity, and sometimes even your skills and abilities.

It is related to letting go, or opening your mind to be more receptive.

The manner in which the feces appears in your dream will help you determine the specifics.

Interpreting dreams about feces

Different types of dreams about poop are thought to have different meanings and interpretations. Consider the following scenarios to learn what different types of poop dreams mean.

Dreaming of human feces

If you see human poop in your dream, it might mean that you are facing a challenge in your life. You could feel as though you are unable to handle some obstacle that is standing in your way. Maybe you are having trouble making a decision and you feel as though your judgment is clouded.

You could also be worrying about someone close to you who is having a difficult time. The dream about human poop is a symbol of this obstacle and the good news is that it will pass. Poop is biodegradable. Although it appears as something dirty and uncomfortable, it eventually disappears, just as your challenge will.

Dreaming of your own feces

When you dream about your own poop, this symbolizes that you are trying to accomplish something but have not yet seen the fruits of your labor. You could be working on a creative project or trying to complete a challenging task. The poop signifies that your efforts will pay off in the near future.

Dreaming of another person’s feces

This kind of dream signifies that you are envious of someone in your life. Maybe this person has everything you want or is in a position of power. This is an important dream, because you have a chance to consider who this person might be and learn to control your jealousy.

Use this opportunity to think about what you want in your life and make the changes necessary to achieve it.

Dreaming about dog feces

A sign warns people to pick up after their dogs.

People who dream about dog poop recognize, on some level, that they don’t have a lot of self-control. You may act impulsively in some situations, and this impulsive behavior has caused problems in your life that you’re not sure how to solve.

This dream is a reminder that you can have more control going forward. This is especially true if you dreamed that you stepped in the dog feces. Learn to pay closer attention and think before you act.

Dreaming of horse manure

horse manure

This type of poop dream is actually very positive. When you dream about horse manure, it’s a sign that you will have success and improved finances in the near future. You will likely earn more money in the coming weeks, especially if you are self-employed or work in the gig economy. Horse manure symbolizes that you will soon see the rewards from your hard work.

Dreaming of rabbit poop

When you dream about rabbit poop, it’s a sign that your children will have success in the near future. Rabbits are known for their ability to procreate. In a dream, their droppings are closely related to the good fortune of your children.

Dreaming of baby feces

Smiling baby lying on a diaper changing table

When you dream about baby poop, this symbolizes a fresh start. The baby often represents your inner child, which you may stifle as you go through your adult life. This is an important dream because it lets you know that you’re taking on too much responsibility and need to cut back. Let your inner child thrive.

Life requires balance. When you hide your inner child deep inside, you might fail to notice the important things in life. Use this dream as an opportunity to make time for life’s small pleasures.

Dreaming of cleaning poop

If you find yourself dreaming of cleaning poop, you are probably heading into a period where you will have to work very hard. You may find that you have additional responsibilities at work, or something you do is going to be in high demand.

I would consider this a positive dream, because the demands on your time and energy are almost certain to bring some kind of reward.

Dreaming of a bird pooping on you

stork poop

Having a bird poop on you in your dream is good luck, just as it is when a bird actually poops on you in real life. It signifies that you are entering a prosperous period. Fortune is on your side.

Dreaming of pooping in public

People are often shocked when they have dreams about defecating in public, but it’s actually quite common. This is a positive type of dream, because it suggests that you will have success and everyone will know it and be rooting for you.

If you have already achieved a level of success in your life, this dream may suggest that a friend or colleague is going to ask you for a loan. Be prepared for it!

Dreaming that you are unable to poop

When you dream that you can’t poop, this is a sign of your frugality. Maybe you’ve had rough times in the past and are afraid to spend extra money, or maybe you avoid buying things that you don’t see as essential.

This dream suggests that you need to take a deep breath and know that if you buy something for yourself once in a while, everything will still be OK.

Dreaming of pooping in your pants

If you dream of pooping in your pants, you have a lot of secrets that you are trying to hide from your friends and loved ones. The problem is that, as with poop, the signs are there and your loved ones probably already know. When someone poops in his or her pants, people can smell it even if they can’t see it. The same applies to the secrets you might be holding inside. This is a sign to come clean and trust those you care about.

There are many different ways to dream of feces. They aren’t all negative. Some dreams indicate that hard work will pay off in the near future. Others suggest that you need to rethink your approach to life.

Dreams are there as a reflection of your subconscious. Whatever makes you feel emotions while you’re awake comes out in the form of dreams while you are sleeping. They are cloaked in symbolism so that you can learn how to make your life better.

When you consider your dream, try to understand what is going on in your life. If something good is around the corner, prepare for it. Make whatever changes are necessary to live your life as positively as you can.

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