A dream about lobster is telling you to come out of your shell

The lobster is protected by its shell and spends much of its life defending and protecting itself. If you have a dream about lobster, this signifies that you are protecting yourself in some way, and it’s time to come out of your shell and face the situation.

There are different ways that the lobster can present itself. The meaning of a lobster dream will depend on how the lobster appears. Read on to learn what it means when you dream of lobster.

Dreaming of a lobster shedding its exoskeleton

The shedded exoskeleton of a lobster

When you have a lobster in your dream that is shedding its exoskeleton, this is a symbol of a change that is available to you. You might be hiding in your shell and ignoring new opportunities that could be beneficial to you in your life. This dream is telling you to stop hiding and embrace new opportunities. They are showing up in your life for a reason, and it is time to take action. Even if it is unfamiliar territory, you may realize your dreams if you take action now.

Dreaming of a lobster’s claws

People often dream of a lobster’s claws when they want protection from something or someone. This type of lobster symbolism indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and alone in the world.

A lobster with big claws

You may not realize that you are strong enough to handle whatever stands in your way. The claw appears to let you know that you may want someone to help you get through a difficult situation.

Dreaming of live lobsters

If you have live lobsters all over the place in your dream, this could indicate that there are a lot of distractions impacting your life. Lobsters are a lot like distractions in that they won’t harm you unless you interact with them. The dream meaning here is that you need to recognize distractions for what they are, but stay focused on your goals and the things that are important to you in life. The distractions will not interfere unless you engage them.

A bit full of live lobsters

Dreaming of lobsters is almost always a sign that you need to come out of your shell and confront something in your life. The lobster has strength and courage. Your dream is telling you to embrace these qualities in yourself.

Image at top: © Tatiana Vdb | Creative Commons

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