A dream about flooding implies a loss of control

Feelings you have during a dream reflect circumstances and situations in your real, waking world. As with all dreams about natural disasters, a dream about flooding represents forces that feel out of your control. Dreaming about a flood may be an expression of your feelings of helplessness, or feeling overwhelmed by something or someone in your life.

While many flood dreams are related to negative feelings, some have positive connotations. Since there are many different types of flooding dreams, we will cover a number of them and what they symbolize.

Water symbolism in dreams

Dreaming of water carries a lot of symbolism. Water is powerful. It is vital to our life and has an ongoing, never ending cycle.

Water is a powerful symbol

So the presence of water in dreams can mean change, rebirth and renewal, life and death. It symbolizes the emotions you are experiencing in your life. By noting the specific circumstances of the water in your dream, you can begin to analyze your dream at a deeper level.

Water can have either positive or negative meanings in dreams, and dreams about flooding are often different than other types of dreams involving water.

Biblical meaning of water in dreams

Many religions use water for blessings or rituals. In many religions, water is also thought to connect us to the spiritual realm beyond this life. Water is a symbol that connects us to our own spirit and life force.

Floodwater can be found most notably in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6:9-9:17). Flooding can indicate that, like Noah, you must start anew. This could be because you are escaping problems or it might be because you are ready for a fresh start in your life.

Rendering of Noah's Ark

If the floods in your dream are caused by heavy rains, this is associated with the drownings that occurred in Noah’s story. Those who drowned were the ones who refused to accept and acknowledge God. Biblically, a flood represents somebody undergoing a spiritual test. Dreams of this nature tell you to keep your faith strong and conquer those who would destroy you.

Flood symbolism in dreams

A dream of a flood often represents something negative in your life. Trouble may be headed your way. The dream is like a signal that gives you a chance to prepare yourself for upcoming hard times.

If you have negative feelings during the dream, such as fear, helplessness or anxiety, you are mostly likely experiencing something that feels unending in your life.

If the feelings are positive, such as calm or quiet, it’s likely that you have recently conquered a difficult situation. Those positive feelings are an expression of relief about being past the challenging situation.

A dream about flooding that brings positive feelings may also mean that you need to release your emotions—especially if the dream shows things being carried away by the flood. Perhaps there is something you need to let go of in your life.


Since a dream about flooding symbolizes overwhelming emotions in your life, it might also indicate that you are avoiding your emotions. You may be suppressing feelings of sexuality or love. A flood dream could also be telling you that you are contributing to the suppression of another person’s feelings.


A flood represents excess, which could be either positive or negative. A big increase in challenges or confusion could be on the way. On the positive side, you could begin to see much more of something good, such as money, support, or friendship.

New beginnings

A flood may indicate that you are looking for a new beginning in some aspect of your life. If the flood is not threatening, it may mean that you are on the right path with a new venture or resolution.

Pending misfortune

A flood that is dangerously rising indicates that you will soon encounter misfortune in your life. This could come in different forms but the most common would be an illness. A rising flood could also be a sign that you are not adapting quickly enough to things that life is throwing at you. If your circumstances are changing, you must try to change too.

Flood color symbolism

The color and consistency of floodwater in dreams can both be powerful symbols, and could give you clues as to what your dream means.

If the water is filled with debris, sewage or garbage, it portends feelings of tiredness and lethargy. A physical illness may be coming on. This should encourage you to take a stock of your body and make sure you are eating well, getting adequate rest, and allowing yourself small pleasures to combat stress.

Murky brown or muddy water is a sign that your mind is polluted and in turmoil. Floodwater that is cloudy could indicate that you are having problems communicating with people. Muddy water in particular is an indication that you are uncomfortable in a current circumstance.

children playing in muddy water
Muddy water can indicate a mind in turmoil.

Clear floodwater, on the other hand, is associated with focus going forward—especially a focus on your own self. You should take clear water as a positive dream, and indication that you are capable of overcoming problems that might seem overwhelming. Clear water means things will work out, and you will have relief.

Flooding dream variations

Dreaming of a house flooding

Our home is our safe space. A dream of a house flooding indicates that you are feeling threatened in your life. This could be a physical or mental threat to your safety and home.

This dream could also indicate overwhelming emotions you are experiencing in your home life. A home covered in stagnant water may indicate feelings of disappointment in your life.

A dream of your home being flooded may indicate that you need to pare down. What is in your life that you do not need? Your dream could also represent a problem within your family. You may need to confront the issues that are part of your home.

Dream of a leaking ceiling or roof in a dream

A leaking roof dream or leaking ceiling dream can represent either emotions or resources. It is associated with a vessel that is not working. It can indicate a lack of control in your life, and possibly feelings of impotence. The leaking water can also represent waste or loss in your life.

Dreaming of a flood outside a house

A flood outside a house may indicate that something overwhelming is coming to your house, assuming the floodwaters have not yet reached your home. If all the land around you is flooded, this could be a good sign, indicating that you are an island of calm in a situation of turmoil.

Dreams that have flooding outside a house could indicate that you have conquered emotions or conflicts and have kept the floodwaters away from your home.

Dreams about flooded roads

Flooding that blocks your path may indicate you need to show patience with an upcoming problem. You must find another way, or wait until the flood waters have passed. If the path you are taking is flooded, perhaps you have lost your way and need to reflect inward.

A flooded road
A flooded road suggests you must take a patient approach to your problems.

Flooded streets can also indicate a feeling of growth, that you are headed in the right direction, and good things are in the future.

Tsunami dreams

A tsunami dream can have either positive and negative meanings. For example, if you are riding the wave, then that’s positive. You are managing your feelings and difficult circumstances in your life. You are flexible and decisive enough to solve your problems and achieve your goals in life.

Tsunami hazard zone sign

Generally, though, tsunami dreams are associated with emotions that feel overwhelming. Often a tsunami dream represents troubles—real or perceived—that you feel are holding you back in life. If the tsunami feels threatening, then that’s a dream about repressed emotions pushing back against you. You must acknowledge these feelings before they overcome you.

As with any dream, the more details you can remember, the more you will be able to analyze what the flood in your dream means. Take the interpretations we have shown above and consider them in the context of what is going on in your own life, and perhaps you will be better able to understand what your dream was trying to tell you.

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