About This Site

This website is a dream guide.

We are here to explain different types of dreams and their meanings.

What makes us different from other online dream interpretation sites?

Well, we’re called Rational Dreaming. Our motto is: “Your dream makes sense.” We should explain what we mean by that.

We believe that dreams, no matter how unusual and confusing they may be, always relate to what is going on in your waking life.

This belief is supported by what scientists call the continuity hypothesis of dreams.

In August of 2020, researchers published results of a study in which they analyzed more than 24,000 dream reports—essentially short journal entries from people who had written down recollections of their dreams immediately after waking.

They used artificial intelligence to look for patterns within all that information. What they found was that dreamers of a particular gender or age group shared many common characteristics in their dreams, and so did dreamers who were going through similar life experiences.

This suggests that what is happening in our lives really does show itself in our dreams. It just does so in a puzzling way that isn’t obvious to us at first.

Our dream interpreters at Rational Dreaming explain common types of dreams in a way that will help you find the connections between what happens during your day, and the visions you see at night.

Many of the symbols in your dreams have been inviting themselves into human sleep since biblical times. Trust us, you aren’t the first! The fact that these symbols have been around for so long, turning up in dreams over and over again, helps us recognize that they are significant. We dissect what they mean, and how they might relate to your daily life.

Our site is always growing and we are adding new dream interpretations all the time. In the navigation menu at the top, you’ll find a link to our Dream Search page. Here you can search for anything that has appeared in your dream. If we don’t have an interpretation for it yet, we will soon.

We are also working on tools that can help you interpret your own dreams. We want to teach you how to keep a dream journal. We want to help you improve your dream recall. We want to share what we know about themes, numbers, character archetypes and symbols in dreams. These resources are for sharing.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see at Rational Dreaming, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us anytime at [email protected].

Rational means logical, based on reason. We hope to help you see that in the end, all dreaming is rational.

Your dream makes sense.